The Skylur J. Spagone Memorial Fund Annual Recipients

The Skylur J. Spagone Memorial fund began distributing financial and / or leadership support as of January 2001 to the recipients meeting the criteria as stated in the Application Procedures section of the this web site.

It is the vision of the Skylur J. Spagone Memorial Fund Committee to provide a significant positive contribution of innovative, creative, and effective support for the development of the youth in the East Bridgewater Community.

Past Recipients

  • Girl Scout Troop 496
  • Michelle’s Studio of Dance
  • A Children’s Concert w/ Stephen Baird
  • St. John’s Church
  • Paula Coffey Dance Center
  • Handi Kids
  • Central School Safety Night
  • Children’s Place
  • East Bridgewater Cub Scouts
  • People To People
  • E.B.C.C. Youth Football
  • East Bridgewater YMCA
  • Nature’s Classroom
  • 7th Grade Washington D.C. Trip
  • E.B. Youth Basketball Assoc.
  • East Bridgewater Little League
  • HOPE for Marcie Foundation
  • Jeff Ross Memorial Fund
  • P.C.C.
  • United Soccer Academy
  • South Shore Therapies
  • Hanson Animal Hospital
  • Gift Certificate to Quinn Centre Optical
  • Viking Sports Parents
  • CubScout Pack 28
  • Early Childhood Advisory Council

  • LifeTouch Photography
  • Walmart Gift Cards
  • Lynn Barton Piano School
  • Westgate Mall Gift Cards
  • Glenn Tufts Baseball Camp
  • Masasoit Soccer Camp
  • South Shore Seadogs
  • AAU Baseball
  • Central School Reading
  • Incentive Program Dorbil Stables
  • East Bridgewater Drug Council
  • EstaBrook Farm Early Childhood
  • Arts for Youth Central School
  • AfterSchool Program Kids Kastle Kingdom
  • Old Colony Council Troop
  • 29 Boy Scouts of America
  • South Shore Select Lenscrafters
  • East Bridgewater Public Schools
  • Just Claying Around Massachusetts
  • Youth Soccer Olympics
  • Bay State Hockey
  • South Shore Football Camp
  • East Bridgewater Music Department
  • St. Bridgets Capachonie School of Performing Arts
  • Gift Certificate to Toys R’ Us

Financial Data

The activities sponsored by the Skylur J. Spagone Memorial Fund are entirely dependent of voluntary contributions from The Walk for Children participants, from numerous family and friends, and from those who subscribe to it’s goals.

We encourage you to make contributions (tax deductible) to the Fund. Checks should be made payable to the Skylur J. Spagone Memorial Fund, and mailed to:

  • Skylur J. Spagone Memorial Fund
  • PO Box 130
  • East Bridgewater, MA 02333

A statement of condition of the Skylur J. Spagone Memorial Fund is available upon written request.